SSPC Southern Suburbs Physio | FAQ
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Do you need a referral to see a physio?
Physiotherapists are ‘first contact practitioners’ meaning no referral is required for physiotherapy assessment or treatment if you are a private patient. Patients covered for workplace injuries under WorkSafe and road accidents under TAC may also book for physiotherapy appointment without a referral. If you are using Medicare to claim for physiotherapy services under a “Chronic Disease Management” (Enhanced Primary Care) Plan, you will however require a referral for up to 5 sessions. Podiatry falls under the same requirements as physiotherapy.


What is involved in a physio consult?
On your first consultation, your physiotherapist will find out what your goals of treatment are? Whether it’s to assess an injury, fix your pain, prevent injury, provide advice, or provide exercises to help your body function to its optimal, your physiotherapist has the expertise to help. Your physiotherapist will assess you and then, as well as treat you, give you some valuable information about your problem. They will advise you what is wrong, why is it wrong, how long it will take to improve and what you can do to help it improve faster or prevent it from recurring.
If you are not sure about whether physiotherapy can help you, please email and we can provide some details of what we can do in your situation.


How often will you need to see a physio?
As every problem is different this is a hard question to answer specifically. When you see your physiotherapist, they will take the time to assess you thoroughly and discuss your condition. Based on your condition and your goals for recovery they will recommend what treatment frequency will lead to the best possible outcome for you and will be able to provide you with a treatment outline if you wish. Part of this treatment plan will be to fix the reasons your condition appeared in the first place, rather than just eliminating your immediate issues. This will make sure you become and stay pain free.


Can a physiotherapist refer for scans?
Your physiotherapist is very well trained in knowing which scan is the most appropriate for your musculoskeletal condition and whether it is clinically necessary to order certain scans. Yes, your physiotherapist can refer for X-ray and MRI scans. In most cases this will be at a similar cost to that if you went through your GP. We can also refer for an ultrasound examination however this will often be more expensive to you than if you were referred to this by your GP. We will always wish to assess you to prior to you getting a scan, as there are often particular images that best help to differentiate between conditions. This reduces the chance of you needing further or unnecessary scans.


What should you bring?
Please attend the clinic 5 to10 minutes early to complete paperwork if it is your first appointment. When you attend the clinic for any treatment, please bring any X-rays or previous scans to your appointment, as well as any letters from other practitioners. If you don’t have any scans and your physiotherapist believes it will help in diagnosing your condition, they may refer you off to get these done. In some situations where we feel that your treatment will benefit from the assistance of other therapists, we will guide you as to who is best suited to fix your condition.


Where can I Park?
East Bentleigh – There is ample street parking on Centre rd and the surrounding side streets.
Parkdale – There are 6 off street patient only car parks on site plus 1 disabled car spot on the premises. There is also ample street parking in the surrounding side streets and in the group of shops opposite.
Brighton – There is free basement car parking under the building with a lift facility to Ground floor.


Can you use your private health insurance?
Yes. If you have private health insurance physiotherapy extras cover, we can claim this on the spot through our HICAPS machine and you only need to pay any applicable gap. We do require your card for this and can not process your private health insurance with the number alone. We are preferred providers for all the major health funds therefore your fee’s and out of pocket charges are much lower when compared to a non preferred provider. We are not able to gather any information on what rebate you will receive from your health insurance company, so please contact them directly if you wish to know this prior to your appointment. All Clinical Pilates sessions are run by physiotherapists, so almost all health funds will cover these as they would for physio treatment. Myotherapy and massage treatment may also be covered by your private health insurance.