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DorsaVi / ViMove

dorsavi-movement-analysisAt SSPC we have had the ViMove and ViPerform technology, developed by DorsaVi for about 3 years. In fact we were among the first few clinics in the world to have this technology.

What is Vimove and ViPerform?

ViMove and ViPerform is new cutting edge clinical technology that uses wireless sensor technology to accurately and objectively measure movement and muscle activity of your lower back and legs and turns it into actionable data. The data gives us a better understanding of the unique features of your movements and postures that may be contributing to your injuries or pain (including low back, leg, hip pain and running issues).  Wearable motion and muscle activity sensors record data at 200 frames per second and feedback to a wireless device which converts the information into meaningful information about your biomechanics and/or injury. These discrete, easy to fit sensors are placed on the back and/or legs and record the body’s movement both in and away from the clinic. This information can then be used to promote positive movement patterns and posture . The sensors can also be used for real time feedback and training of better movement patterns.Using this device we can help you manage a range of issues including back and knee pain as well as running related injuries and even measure deficiencies in your core strength. Furthermore this device allows us to assess running styles and body movement in order to enhance technique and performance for a range of athletes.vimove-gait-analysis-400x300

What can be tested using this technology?

There are 6 main modules and testing platforms on the Vimove / Vi Perform software specific for different body issues:

Low Back – Lumbar Lordosis, Flexion, Extension, Lateral Flexion, Pelvic Tilt, Sitting Posture, and Up to 24 Hour Monitoring Out of the Clinic measuring Range of Movement, Postural Angles, and Muscle Activity
Running – Jog, Run, Sprint, Acceleration/Deceleration, Distance Run measuring Leg Symmetry, Average Ground Reaction Force (L&R Leg), Average Initial Peak Acceleration, Average Ground Contact Time (L&R Leg), Average Steps Per Minute, Total Distance, Average Speed, Time, Outdoor Assessment for Up to 24 Hours

Knee – Single Leg Squat, Double Leg Squat, Single Leg Hop, Single Leg Box Drop, Double Leg Box Drop measuring Tibial Inclination, Valgus and Varus Range of Movement, Valgus and Varus Speed

Functional – Hurdle Step, Inline Lunge, Overhead Squat, Push-Up, Bird Dog, Plank Tests, Flexion, Extension, Rotation measuring Range of Movement, Quality of Movement, and Deviation from Start Position

Hamstring – Active and Passive Straight Leg Raise measuring Active and Passive Range of Movement

Neck – Flexion, Rotation, Lateral Flexion, Upper Cervical Flexion, Protraction, Retraction, Sitting Postures measuring Range of Movement and Movement Patterns

ViMove and ViPerform effectively removes the guesswork from clinical vimove-banner-imgassessments, and allows physiotherapists to obtain a better understanding of the unique features of your movements and postures that may be contributing to your pain.

More information

For more information on this technology and to ascertain whether it may be of benefit to you, contact Neeraj on or 9584 2000 or log onto

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.