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Hand Therapy

hand physioWhat is Hand Therapy?

Hand Therapy is an area of Physiotherapy dealing specifically with the fingers, thumb, hand and wrist.

What Injuries require Hand Therapy?

Injuries may be acute such as fractures, dislocations and sprains. Thumb ligament sprains are one of the more common sporting injuries, often caused by awkward contact with the ball or landing.

There are also chronic conditions including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and many tendonitis type problems that occur as a result of overuse.

Types of Treatment

Treatment of these areas can also include massage and mobilisation of various areas of the hand and wrist and the prescription of exercises too. Rather than “off-the-shelf” splints, custom made splints are made on site at SSPC specific to the individual and injury. This will often result in a more rapid return to function as the area is well protected.

Our Therapists

Please ask reception to book in specifically with Michelle O’Donnell who is our Hand Therapist and works Tuesday and Thursday at East Bentleigh. Alternatively, Rob O’Donnell and Anthony Lance at East Bentleigh and Neeraj Kochhar at Parkdale can make simple thumb splints.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.