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Testimonial from Michael


I am an active 48 years old Male and up until I had treatment from you I had never considered seeking Physiotherapy treatment, but my Employer was adamant in seeing your clinic and in fact made the appointment for me, that was earlier this year. I woke up one morning with gross lower back pain that had severely restricted my movement and gave me great pain, pain that I had never experienced before so I was very worried to say the least.

After my employer had made the appointment for me I was very nervous and then I met one of your physio’s. He had a very concerned persona, and asked me direct questions relating to my lifestyle and the events leading up to the initial start of the pain, and during that time I felt a sense of calm and placed my trust in him, I noticed a defined relief after the first treatment he had applied, and after 3 more treatments he had taken the pain away, literally.

He had shown Maturity, Patience, Informative communication, Profound knowledge of the Human body and an Outstanding sense of caring. I cannot thank your clinic enough for getting me back on track.

Testimonial from Sue


Hi Team SSPC. You are amazing!! after the dry needling and work you have done on my back it has freed it up even more.  Last night was the first night I slept drug free and nearly all night. A big thank you to you. I will always recommend the SSPC team to all our ladies at the gym.

Testimonial from Rosemary


Just thought I’d let you know how impressed I am with the service at SSPC. My Boys have a very demanding footy workload this year and have come up with lots of niggles. The first physio we saw was very thorough and covered all aspects of each boys problems and gave them solutions to these. Unfortunately we were unable to book with the same physio for the latest groin injury but saw another physio instead, who equally assessed each injury thouroughly and prescribed appropriate treatment and solutions. We were impressed by this and felt very privileged to have 2 caring professionals helping us out. Let me tell you it’s very difficult to impress 15 year old boys! We would now be happy to be treated by either one of these guys, which gives us more flexibility with times. Thanks for having such fabulous people working at your clinic. 

Testimonial from Greg


I would like to pass on my thanks to the Physios SSPC for the care and attention given to me when I had to undergo a Spinal Fusion. After many tests,  I was then recommended by the physio to a back specialist. The before and after care has been excellent and I am now following up with the Pilates classes offered at the physio centre.

Testimonial from Derek


I have been a patient at SSPC for several weeks now & I am really happy with the results. They understands my needs & pain & how much exercise is part of my life. They are very professional, highly skilled & really listens to my concerns.  They got me to have an x-ray & ultrasound so they knew exactly what they were dealing with.

Testimonial from Thomas


I have always had neck and posture problems.  Over the years I have tried quite a few clinical pilates classes but the team at SSPC stand out.  The physio’s at SSPC have taught me about being more conscious about the errors I had been making with my everyday movements both at home and at work.  Knowing and understanding my mistakes is the key to improving my neck and posture problems.  Thanks SSPC.